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Rabu, 10 Feb 2016

Cover Manholes

Lightweight and extremely durable, composite cover manholes make sump accessibility safer and easier than ever before. Designed for use in many service station, commercial, and industrial driveway applications, these manholes offer a wide variety of features to ensure the ultimate in user-friendly convenience and long-lasting performance. The Conquistador Duratuff® helps put an end to the risk of back, foot and hand injuries with a slip-resistant tread pattern and lightweight, low-profile construction for easier and safer access to tank sumps and other underground equipment.


* Slip-resistant tread pattern
* Easy removal and replacement
* Two lifting options; Stainless Steel Recessed Handle or Key-Lift Provision
* Reduced risk of back, foot and hand injuries
* Unmatched deflection performance
* Outstanding long-term durability in rigorous cycle tests
* Three mounting options
* Unique structural fiberglass reinforcement matrix
* Water-resistant models available
* Bolt-down models available
* Interchangeable with other manufacturers’ covers
* Load rated to over three times H20
* Powder coated ring and brass bolts help to prevent rust and corrosion
* Ribbed gasket peel and stick design for easy replacement
* Roto-Lock Models - For securing a raintight connection without the need to locate threaded bolt holes in the mounting ring.  The Roto-Lock offers quick and easy access, while maintaining a secure sump application.
* Retrofit Old 46" and 48" Manholes - Convert existing 46" or 48" manholes into 44CD style Conquistador by installing a special retrofit mounting ring onto an existing 46" or 48" ring.


* Cover: fiberglass
* Ring: steel powder coated
* Skirt: galvanized steel
* Key Lift/Recessed Handles: stainless
* Bolts: stainless
* Roto-lock: brass

Additional Info

  • Name: Cover Manholes OPW Conquistador
  • Code: OPW Conquistador
  • Trademark: OPW